About Us

At Peak, our goal is to provide dependable service for you, our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with us.


We provide outstanding finishes that add longevity and appeal to our customers’ parts.


Our exceptional service and expertise are marked by friendliness and thorough information gathering. We are an extension of our customers.


We encourage an environment of safety, good health, creativity, teamwork, and personal growth through education.


We seek to continually improve effectiveness, efficiency and cleanliness by applying the scientific method in all we do.

Our Clients

Company History

Founded as Industrial Plating in 1994, Peak Finishing has roots that go back even further…as far back as the mid 1980s when Sam Swain, an ambitious young chemist, started his own plating shop in Arizona. After moving back to Utah to finish his degree at Brigham Young University, Sam began Industrial Plating in Provo, UT. In 2004, Sam changed the name of the business to Swain Plating.

In 2005, Sam saw something in a determined (but perhaps a bit naive) employee named Bradley Day and sent Brad to run Cache Valley Plating in Logan, Utah. Sadly, Sam was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and passed away only a few short months later in February 2007. Though he is gone, his memory and influence remain. Brad still considers Sam a great mentor in his life.

In late 2007, Adam Dunn, a longtime friend, started working with Brad. In 2008, they became partners after Brad purchased Cache Valley Plating from Sam’s wife Cathy and son Clif. Cathy and Clif persevered in the wake of Sam’s death and deserve a lot of credit for keeping the business going through some difficult years.

In 2011, Brad and Adam purchased Swain Plating and changed the name back to Industrial Plating. Today Brad and Adam, along with a great team of individuals, run both locations as Peak Finishing.