Type II Sulfuric Anodization

MIL-A-8625, Type II

Anodization is a type of electrolytic passivation. In other words, aluminum parts are placed in a sulfuric acid solution and an electric current is applied. This process creates an outer shield of aluminum oxide to protect parts from corrosion and wear. This is a great way to treat and color aluminum and a popular choice for our customers. Anodized aluminum parts can be dyed almost any color. Peak Finishing delivers the best sulfuric anodizing in Utah—and we get it done on time.

Process/Color Tank Size
Clear Anodize (no dye) 60”x 24”x54”
Black BK Excel Anodize 60”x 24”x54”
Bordeaux Red Anodize 60”x 24”x54”
Blue A Anodize 60”x 24”x54”
Fast Gold LN 18”x18”x30”
Violet 3D Anodize 18”x18”x30”
Orange 3A Anodize 18”x18”x30”
Yellow 4A Anodize 18”x18”x30”
Green AEN Anodize 18”x18”x30”
Olive Drab Anodize 13”x13”x21”
Turquoise Anodize 13”x13”x21”
Grey NLN Anodize 13”x13”x21”
Grey BL Anodize 13”x13”x21”
Neon Pink Anodize 13”x13”x21”
Copper BF Anodize 13”x13”x21”
Brown Anodize 13”x13”x21”

Benefits of Type II Anodization:

  • Hardened surface protects against wear
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Non-conductive surface
  • Beautiful finish available in matte or gloss

Colors include (but are not limited to):

Clear Black Gray Bronze
Red Pink Orange Yellow
Green Gold Brown Blue
Gun Metal Blue Teal Purple Lime Green

Why Peak Finishing?

Peak Finishing offers superior results for all sulfuric anodized products in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah at quick turnaround. Rely on our expertise for top quality and superb customer service. Contact us today for any questions, concerns, or requests about our type II anodizing services in Utah. Our highly trained team is here to help you.


We are the only service in Utah County to offer anodizing, but we can service the Salt Lake, Ogden, or St. George areas too—or anywhere else! In fact, we’re only 20 minutes from the point of the mountain, and only a day away via UPS or FedEx from anywhere in Utah and parts of Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona. We’re just two days via UPS ground from any place in the Western United States. We welcome jobs from anywhere in the country looking for a quality product with great customer service. Visit our Get a Quote page for pricing and to request a quote.

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