Zinc Plating


Zinc Plating applies a protective zinc coating to metal to prevent rusting. Zinc is a sacrificial coating, which means it’s protective even when small fractures occur. Zinc plating differs from galvanizing, which involves dipping parts in molten zinc. At Peak Finishing, we use an alkaline zinc bath in which parts are submerged and an electric current applied. Afterward we treat zinc plated parts with a clear/bright, yellow, or black finish. Different colors of finishes can be used for identification purposes. Zinc is typically overlaid on steel, copper, brass, or bronze. It can produce increased resistance to corrosion that’s comparable to cadmium or lead without the same environmental concerns.

Benefits of Zinc Plating:

  • Bright, ductile deposit
  • Inexpensive cost
  • Good corrosion resistance


  • Clear Zinc – 48”x36”x24”
  • Yellow Zinc – 44”x32”x40”
  • Black Zinc – 40”x23”x28”

Why Peak Finishing?

Peak Finishing offers superior results for all zinc plating services in Utah with a quick turnaround. Rely on our expertise for top quality and superb customer service. Contact us today for any questions, concerns, or requests about our zinc plating services in Utah. Our highly trained team is here to help you.

We can service the Salt Lake, Ogden, or St. George area—or anywhere else! In fact, we’re only 20 minutes from the point of the mountain, and only a day away via UPS or Fedex from anywhere in Utah and parts of Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona. We’re just two days via UPS ground from any place in the Western United States. We welcome jobs from anywhere in the country looking for a quality product with great customer service. Visit our Get a Quote page for pricing and to request a quote.

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